Corporate Retreats at Jackson’s Point

From a small group to the entire team, we have the facilities and activities to accommodate your organization and meet your goals.

Our Resort & Spa is a Fabulous Choice for Your Next Corporate Retreat

From Stress relief to Team Building Activities, Ramada Jackson’s Point is the place where you can get away from the buzz of the city in under an hour to focus on your Corporate or Department Retreat.

Relieve Stress with Yoga and Meditation

The Stress Relief and Rejuvenation portion of a corporate retreat are always warmly anticipated. Allow your employees to press the reset button with two sessions of yoga and meditation. These activities can be tailored so that people of all abilities can participate, and absolutely zero experience is required.

Yoga and meditation serve to release tension and instill a deep calm over participants. Tensions will drain away and participants will feel refreshed. It’s a perfect complement to the use of the indoor swimming pool, sauna and fitness equipment, promoting a healthy body, mind, and outlook.

Team Building Activities

The other aspect of a successful corporate retreat is team building. You have your teams all in the same place, why not work to strengthen the performance of the team and help them make new connections? And before you think that these team building activities are going to be corny interpretations of the same old games, let us tell you that we offer team building activities that employees actually enjoy.

The team can head over to the Georgina Recreational Outdoor Campus (ROC) for a wide assortment of activities to choose from.

  • Rock climbing will appeal to some, and it is gentler and easier than you might think, plus participants experience a rush of satisfaction having completed a climb.
  • There’s also the splash pad to enjoy in the warmer months, when all you want to do is cool off and enjoy that sun for a change.
  • Nature trails are a hit with just about everybody, with different intensities offered to make this activity inclusive to most participants. Being out in nature and taking in the scenery is a great way to release stress and feel good.
  • The team can choose to walk the labyrinth for a more meditative approach.

The fun extends to winter as well, with snow tubing, skating and tobogganing, plus skiing and snowboarding. There are also numerous sports offered at the ROC to bring your team closer together – volleyball of lawn bowling, anyone? We’re sure everyone will have experiences that will strengthen the team while enjoying their time together.

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