Sure, it’s winter, but that doesn’t have to equal hibernation! There are so many amazing activities to enjoy as a family in the gorgeous areas surrounding Ramada Jackson’s Point Resort and Spa. These fun outings will have you enjoying nature and making amazing memories together, to be followed by great food and reminiscing from the warmth of the resort. Check out these activities for some great winter exhilaration.

1) Snow Tubing

Now this is a fun sport for kids and parents too. Imagine being able to ride down the hill on a tube – like water tubing and sledding combined! At Georgina’s ROC (Recreational Outdoor Centre) there’s a four-lane snow tube hill. That equals lots of fun and a few giggle-inducing wipe-outs. Challenge friends and family to an epic snow race from the (relative) pillow-like softness of the tube. Try some sweet moves and then do it all over again. Snow tubing is great because it doesn’t require any experience, lessons or expensive equipment. Helmets are still a good idea, though! And parents – no way should you watch from the sidelines. Get in there and have some fun! That fresh air is exhilarating and good for the soul. The snow-tube hill at Georgina’s ROC has a carpet lift to get you back up the hill and snow-making capabilities, so there’s no excuses to bypass this activity. Go here for more information.

2) Snowshoeing

Here’s a great way to immerse yourself in nature – from the quietude of snowshoeing. This activity allows you to trek through the forest, looking for wildlife and benefiting from fresh air and natural surroundings. Snowshoes allow you to stay up on the top later of snow without breaking through, so it’s easier to cover ground and go at a good clip, which mean great, heart-healthy cardio. Of course you could adopt a more leisurely pace under the guise of wanting to take some photos and look for winter birds. Get the whole family out for some snowshoeing fun! Kids are naturals, even the wee folk, so this is certainly an all-ages activity. Bring your own snowshoes or rent them from an outdoor outfitter like Mountain Equipment Co-op or other outdoor store. Check out the many trails that wind their way through this beautiful Lake Simcoe region. For more information on trails. You could also venture through gorgeous Lake Sibbald Provincial Park for a picturesque trek: .

3) Skiing and Snowboarding

One of the advantages of living in Canada and having a proper winter season is plenty of time for skiing and snowboarding! Gather up the whole family and head to the hills at Georgina’s ROC. Visit the Terrain Park where ramps, rails, bumps and jumps await. As an added bonus, Georgina’s ROC offers ski and snowboard lessons, so everyone can learn how to carve down the hills safely and with maximum enjoyment. More information on lessons and other offerings.

4) Tobogganing

Sledding is one of the most requested winter activities by kiddos who just can’t get enough of sliding down hills, building ramps, and generally having a great time. Georgina’s ROC offers a FREE toboggan hill next to the snow tube park, so bring your own sleds and have some family fun in the fresh air. Crazy carpets, foam sleds, traditional wooden sleds are great fun – just leave the inflatables and GT racers at home and all is good. Also check out schools or municipal parks – many have some fine sledding hills – just look for the other sledders there to determine a hill’s popularity! And not only is sledding fun, it’s also a great family experience. Share a sled and help each other climb the hill – great fun, good exercise and just think of the photo opportunities!

5) Skating

And finally, what list of family activities would be complete without mentioning skating? The sound of skate blades scraping the ice, the thrill of speed, the sensation of gliding – it’s one of the most perfect winter activities. Little ones love it too, and the more they skate, the more comfortable they’ll become with the motions. Check out Georgina ROC’s outdoor skating rink – it’s free and loads of fun. No skate rentals are available, so bring your own or have a hunt for a local outfitter where you can rent some. Don’t forget the helmets to prevent any goose eggs on the little ones’ noggins, and have fun making up silly family games to play on the ice. Cap it all off with some well-earned hot chocolate from the ROC snack bar and allow those toes and noses to warm up.

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