Parks are wonderful for family fun. When the kids are younger, they want nothing more than to have full reign over a playground, going down the slide countless times. As they grow older, hobbies and interests might turn to sports like tennis or basketball. In spring, summer and fall, finding a lovely spot for a picnic is a serious win for a hungry family who wants to spend some time in nature. And when the temperature soars, everyone is in the mood for a beach, splash pad, or place to go fishing. Here are some of the best parks in Georgina, each offering a little something different. So gather up the family and pick your pursuit – you’ll be having fun in the great outdoors in no time.

1) Willow Beach Conservation Area, Access from Metro Road North in Sutton, Georgina:

The family is going to love Willow beach, right on the shores of Lake Simcoe. The sunny beach is perfect for building sand castles or relaxing with a good book, and when it gets toasty, cool off in the refreshing waters. There’s a playground for the younger set, a picnic area and yes! – there are flush toilets. Anglers know this spot as a wintertime gem from which to access the lake for ice fishing – truly four-season fun at Willow Beach! Georgina residents park for free, and paid parking is available for non-residents. For more details, click here.

2) Whipper Watson Park, 153 Carrick Ave., Keswick:

Whipper Watson has just got to win a prize for the best park name. One of the main draws here is beach volleyball. So if that appeals to the family, get on your gear and head on over. It’s fun, it’s great exercise and it’s on the beach! There’s also a splash pad – always a favourite with the young ones. They can wriggle into their suits and head on over to splish, splash, get sprayed and cool off. To keep energized for all that activity, pack a lunch to eat at the picnic area. To learn more, click here.

3) Pefferlaw Lions Community Centre and Park, 38 Pete’s Lane, Pefferlaw:

Got a sporty family looking to get their game on – or at least some skills practice? Pefferlaw Lions Community Centre and Park pretty much has it all. There’s a baseball diamond for watching a random game or practising catching those pop flies, or check out the basketball courts. Indulge your inner Wimbledon fantasy with a match on the tennis courts, or boot the ball around at dusk on the soccer fields. If the kids still prefer the playground, hang out on the swings and slides for a lovely couple of hours and enjoy the picnic area. Parking is available. Check it out by clicking here.

4) Bonnie Park, 1 Bonnie Blvd., Jackson’s Point:

Here’s another place to go for a swim! It’s amazing how many activities are associated with the water. It’s a good idea to pack some snacks, because you could be there all day. There’s a boat launch, so if you’ve got your hands on a boat you can enjoy the lake and yes – there’s some good fishing to be had. Parking makes it convenient to bring lots of stuff, and the playground, public washrooms, and drinking water available keep everyone comfortable. Spend the day at Bonnie Park – you’ll be glad you did. To learn more, click here.

5) Georgina Ice Palace, 90 Wexford Dr., Keswick:

So we’re not saying that this park is for absolutely every member of the family. But if there’s an adrenaline junkie who just can’t wait to explore a new skateboard or cycle park, Georgina Ice Palace will be a welcome sight. The skaters of the crew can try out their tricks and catch some air and will no doubt come back to the family meeting place full of smiles and appreciative of the effort made to fulfill their fun. While they hit the rails, there’s always shopping or other parks to explore!

So there you have it – five parks in the Georgina area to visit to have some fun in the sun, a blast by the lake, or practice those sport-specific skills. Better pack a super-large lunch to enjoy at the plentiful picnic areas because everyone will be famished. There are playgrounds aplenty, splash pads, swimming and even a tennis court or two. So pick a park and head out for a morning, afternoon or day of fun. Take some photos and share the memories as the sun sets on another fabulous day in Georgina.

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