One of the best ways to take in your surroundings is by foot or by bike. They’re both great activities that you can do solo, as a pair, or with the family of a group of friends. Walking allows you to take in more of the scenery and details. You can truly meander through a town, forest or wide-open spaces. Cycling also offers the chance to immerse yourself in a new locale, with the advantage that you can cover more ground and may get a chance to see a wider range of sights. Georgina is tailor-made for exploration by foot or by bike, with all of the beautiful forest and lake views as well as picturesque highways and bi-ways. Here are the top walking and biking trails in Georgina to explore, perfect for getting some fresh air and taking in the area.

1) Sibbald Point Provincial Park Maidenhair Fern Trail, 2 km:

This is a lovely park that draws visitors with its Lake Simcoe location featuring a large sandy beach complete with a boat launch, parking for the boaters and picnic spot. It also boasts some lovely hiking and biking trails. The Maidenhair Fern Trail is 2.0 km and features easy terrain, so it’s a great pick if you have young kids or people new to hiking. It’s a loop trail that passes through a variety of types of nature at Sibbald Point, which you can learn about via the trail brochure available at the trailhead, Park Office, or Registration Office.

Sibbald Point is also a great place to cycle. You can make your way to all of the different points of interest in the park by cycling, or meander along Hedge Road to take in the waterfront and see Lake Simcoe in all its glory. To learn more about hiking and cycling at Sibbald Point Provincial Park, as well as all the other activities available there, head over to this link.

2) Sutton – Zephyr Rail Trail, 9 km:

This is a 9 km gravel trail perfect for walking, hiking or cycling. A good place to park and start is the southern end at Holborn Road, about 1 km east of Highway 48. The trail starts off in the Zephyr tract, a reforested area also called Brown Hill Trail. Here’s a great opportunity to look for wildlife – deer and a diverse array of other, smaller animals are often visible, no doubt drawn by the quiet and close proximity to water. You’ll cross the Black River on an old railway bridge. Take in the bordering wetland, a wonderful habitat for a variety of bird species. This trail leads to Brown Hill Station Park at Ravenshoe Rd, with a parking lot in case you decide to park one car there and shuttle to the start. Forest, river, bridge, marshland and wildlife? What a perfect combination! For more information, click here.

3) Lake Drive Signed Route 28.2 km:

This is an asphalt trail so it can be used for to walk, cycle or wheelchair. It is part of the 50 km Lake Simcoe Trail that follows Lake Dr. and allows peeks of the lake. This is a great way to see the lake and Keswick. If you’re feeling ambitious, use the Lake Simcoe Trail to see many notable points of interest. Learn all about it here.

4) Georgina ROC Trails 3.3 km:

Georgina’s Recreational Outdoor Campus (ROC) has just about every recreational activity under the sun available, so it’s no surprise that they have a nice hiking mixed terrain hiking trail consisting of gravel, chips, grass or dirt. It’s a nice way to stretch out after some of the other activities at the ROC, or they make for a good hike for kids. Another option is the 1 km paved accessible trail, excellent for wheelchairs or other mobility aids. For confident mountain bikers, ROC also offers The North Shore trails with a variety of challenges. Check out all the ROC trail info here.

5) York Regional Forest Metro Road Tract, 1.7 km:

This track is the most northerly of the 18 tracts in the York Regional Forest. You can enter at 1763 Metro Road North, and immediately it’s like stepping into another world. It’s a short trail at 1.7 km but you’re definitely in the forest, complete with that peace and serenity along with loads of potential wildlife sighting opportunities. One day you might see deer, wild turkey or grouse, or perhaps the kiddos’ favourites, rabbits, chipmunks, and squirrels. Birds abound, and you might even catch a glimpse of a shy fox. This is a great place to take the kids to see a true forest without a strenuous hike. It’s a beautiful and calm spot for all to enjoy. To learn more, click here.

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